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We are more than a nonprofit organization. We are a ministry of service that includes nearly 16,000 paid, professional employees dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential.

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    Plan Your Gifts For the Greatest Impact

    Each year millions of Americans make gifts in support of charitable interests. Many supporters of Volunteers of America have found that time spent considering the best ways to structure their gifts can help them make meaningful contributions while meeting personal planning goals as well. To learn more about the many possibilities, take a few minutes to explore the information we present for you here.

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    The Shay Moral Injury Center: Understanding the Struggle with Identity and Meaning

    Moral injury is a relatively recent term used to describe a crisis that soldiers have faced for centuries, the internal suffering that results from doing something against your moral code. In essence, it is a wound to the conscience. However, it is not just military members that can experience this. And what is this? It is soul anguish, a broken spirit, a shredded soul. Learn how we are helping those suffering from it.

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    We Believe in the Power of Housing as the Foundation for Life

    As one of the nation's largest nonprofit providers of quality, affordable housing, we also provide the vital support services needed to thrive. We create and manage low and moderate-income level housing for the homeless, families with children, the elderly, veterans and their families, and people with disabilities, including physical and mental disabilities.

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  • 1,300,000

    almost 1.3 million people helped annually

  • 57,000

    kids and young people given opportunities they could never have imagined

  • 20,000

    veterans whose lives we have helped improve

  • 28,000

    individuals and families impacted by incarceration helped

  • 11,000

    individuals with intellectual disabilities empowered to be independent and involved in their communities

  • 106,000

    older adults cared for, housed and loved

  • 100,000

    homeless individuals assisted

  • 23,000

    people housed in our 19,426 affordable housing units in 484 properties